Brandon Wright - Keynote Speaker
Wright Stuff Media

Brandon believes you should listen to others but think for yourself. A free-thinking entrepreneur who made his own rules after a series of hardships, Brandon quickly learned there is no how-to manual for entrepreneurship. He struggled to make ends meet for years, but made the bold decision in 1999 to purchase an existing carpet cleaning business with a customer list of only 30 individuals that had only been in business for two months. Through hard work, creative networking tactics and unmatched customer service, Brandon’s leadership grew UltraClean into a $2.4 million business, expanding its services over the years to include water damage restoration, a 24/7 service for home emergencies. 

Since selling his business in 2016, Brandon has turned his focus into helping other entrepreneurs embrace their free-thinking spirit. Brandon sees a major obstacle in the entrepreneurial community: small business ownership means most entrepreneurs are owned. The problem is they have been domesticated, which makes them blind to potential. As host of Wright Stuff Radio and founder of Wright Stuff Media, Brandon is the Chief Storyteller, sharing stories, insights and ideas that are the antidote of the be-like-everyone-else information that small business owners are flooded with. Brandon and his team change how you see reality, yourself, your beliefs and the marketplace. Their mission is to change perspective.

Hear it straight from Brandon on why you should attend the event! 

John Guanci
EMyth Business Coaching

I owned and operated a business for over ten years.  Three years prior to selling it, I still hung onto a dream, but felt like I was on a path no nowhere.  I envisioned a successful business with a positive work environment and high employee satisfaction. But I was so caught up in managing the day-to-day activities of the business that I became numb to the possibility that it could be different. “It is what it is” became my motto, even if I didn’t speak it, surely it was the energy I was putting out there.  It began to slowly infect everyone around me, my employees, my customers and most of all, my family.  Something had to change.  The business was not a representation of the best of me. I buckled down, got real in what I wanted and what was possible and positioned my business to sell for top dollar.  Now I’m passionate about sharing my journey with others while helping them create businesses and lives that truly serve them.  

I advise and guide business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs in helping them excel beyond their status quo. Perhaps you’ve been stuck in a rut for many months or even many years. You’re a great visionary, but you struggle with execution. Your default is to do the one thing you do well; the more technical aspects of the business. But it becomes a grind; you’ve created a business that is entirely dependent on you, requiring lots of heavy daily pedaling.  And there’s a lot that goes into getting it right.  But with the right combination of mentoring, tools, and systems, you’ll start to have a different experience of running your business day-to-day; one that moves your feet in the direction of helping you discover - or re-discover – your passion for what you do.

Julie Babcock-Hyde
Spark Accounting Solutions

Julie Babcock-Hyde is a CPA with a long history of actively and successfully helping business of all sizes plan for success and achieve it. As the leader of the Spark Accounting Solutions team, Julie helps business owners with accounting systems, tax planning, tax preparation, and provides guidance on increasing profits and cash flow. A business owner herself, Julie understands the balance of running a business while making sure that the business is profitable. An expert in the field, Julie has spoken for events such as the Smart Women, Smart Money Conference and for training sessions for the Women’s Business Center.

Lori Leavitt Gull
Idaho Central Credit Union
Assistant Vice President

Lori provides branch operations leadership for ICCU locations throughout Idaho and has been a leader with them for over 16 years.  She is responsible for all aspects of her region’s operations, including culture, staffing, team member development and training, operations, service standards, production and sales.  She has been a leader/member of multiple strategic committees/projects, helping propel ICCU to be recognized as the top-performing credit union in the nation for the past five years in a row.

Lori serves on the Boise Chamber Financial Advisory Board and on the US Attorney’s White Collar Crime Task Force.  She was a recipient of the Tribute to Women and Industry award in 2016.  She also served on the board of directors for NV Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Lori is a graduate of BYU-Idaho and is a high-honors graduate of Western CUNA Management School.  She lives in Kuna with her husband Ken.  They have five children and enjoy hiking, bicycling and travel.  Her greatest accomplishment is her large, happy family, who are all each other’s very best friends.

Terry Frisk

Terry Frisk is a partner in the firm B2B CFO®, the largest CFO services firm in the nation. He is a CPA with over 35 years of financial and general management experience in many diverse industries focusing on small to medium sized privately held businesses. He is also a Certified Business Transition Expert with experience advising in both business purchase and sale transactions. Terry is a frequent speaker to business groups on the challenges and opportunities of planning a successful business transition. His unique skill set and sterling character make him an ideal partner for business owners seeking to focus their own energies on growing and realizing the value of their businesses.

David R. McCauley
Open Team

With almost 30 years of executive and executive coaching experience, David has lived thru the “life cycle” of several organizations… and has “learned ugly”. David and his partners at OpenTeam coach organizations how to build and create high-performing and high-functioning teams that consistently delivery extraordinary results.

Consilo Team
Culture Strategists

We are a training and development company that is passionate about inspiring people to lead at every level. We consider ourselves builders of happiness in the workplace and have an unwavering belief that it is possible for everyone to love their work. We believe business begins and ends with people. This truth allows us to make shifts in culture that positively affect, not only the business itself but the community. When teams are able to communicate with authenticity and trust, high performance is a by product. Finding what individuals are the best at and creating teams that leverage those strengths on a daily basis is what we do. The pillars of our business are in cultivating internal leaders, partnership alignments, professional wellness, executive business coaching, succession planning, and ultimately creating cultures where employees thrive. Consilio is a diverse team with collective experience in financial institutions, non-profits, healthcare, start ups, family legacy, construction and development, education and professional services. Our wide breadth of experience allows us to serve clients in every industry, in varying growth cycles and regardless of size. We are committed to defining success in human terms.