Event Schedule

8:00 Keynote Speaker
"The New Business Shift: It's About Culture”
Brandon Wright

The key to a successful business is not focusing on the customer, but on the culture. If you build a great culture, then the customer will get amazing service. It took years for Brandon to figure that out. When he did, his company became known for two things: it’s culture and it’s level of personalized service. How he built a well known business around its core, and the core may not be what you think it is, he share’s that and how he did it as keynote speaker this year.

9:00 Workshops
“Finding the Exit: A Roadmap for Successfully Transitioning Ownership of Your Business”
Terry Frisk

Building a successful business is a journey. And, every journey must eventually come to an end. As a business owner, your exit requires careful planning and preparation. Whether your goal is to pass ownership on to your children, have your management team buy you out, or sell your business to someone else, you need to take steps now to ensure a successful transition. In this session, you will learn the key elements of an effective transition and how to get started down the road toward achieving a successful exit.

“The Rewards of a Strengths Based Culture”
The Consilio Team

Conventional business cultures put humans in the same box as robots and lead us down dead-end roads. Meanwhile, businesses that are infusing human development with a high dose of strengths focus -- what's right with people rather than what's wrong -- are building roads to success. These companies bring more profits to companies and satisfaction to people in business across the globe.

10:00 Workshops
“Find the Fortune in Your Financials”
Julie Babcock-Hyde

Participants will learn how knowing their numbers will allow them to capitalize on hot business trends, unlock immediate cash opportunities and skillfully navigate your costs, P & L, and margins to ensure business success.

“Finding Your Way”
John Guanci

Do you know what you'd like your business to look like someday? Most likely, right? But does it seem real, in other words, are you doing the things today that are going to get you to where you want to go? I’ll discuss with you how to create a vision that’ll provide you with a true sense of direction – a target for the future. It will become the foundation for your decision making, planning, and business development activities. You’ll come away with a step by step approach of how to write a detailed picture for the future, motivating you and your employees, and giving you a dream to strive for.

11:00 Workshops
“Conflict Happens”
David McCauley
Conflict happens… Learn how to use conflict to create a positive and growing business with a thriving and healthy culture!
“Attracting and Retaining Top Talent by Developing a World-Class Company Culture”
Lori Gull
For the past five years in a row, Idaho Central Credit Union has been recognized as the Best Place to Work in the state of Idaho. It is no coincidence that we’ve also been named the top performing credit union in the nation for those same five years in a row. In this workshop, we’ll discuss ICCU’s culture-improvement journey, how we attract and retain top talent, and how you can use the same principles and processes to move your organization forward in the journey toward a world-class company culture.