Event Schedule

8:00 Keynote Speaker
"Your Business GPS – On course, Detoured, or Recalculating?”
Debbie Irving

You can’t get there from “here” unless you know where you are starting and where you are going!  And, although we all know that the shortest route from Point A to Point B is a straight line, the path is often winding, with unanticipated or unplanned stops and detours.  That’s true in business and life! Achieving success involves attaining strong goal clarity, high achievement drive, healthy emotional intelligence and excellent social skills. We’ll kick off the day assessing our Business Journey and then exploring the first of many tips, tools, and hacks to that you will receive in your breakout workshops to set the stage for your success.

9:00 Workshops
“Where Is Your Business in the #MeToo Journey?”
Bobbi Dominick

#MeToo has dominated the news cycle for nearly a year now, and we have all read and talked about it extensively.  But what does it really mean for Idaho businesses?  Where have we been, and where are we going with #MeToo?  What is the appropriate response for Idaho businesses? Are there certain businesses that are more vulnerable? What are practical things organizations should examine in responding to this movement?  This talk will explore the issues surrounding #MeToo, look at the business impact of such a movement, and present some ideas for how businesses should respond in a #MeToo age. 


“To "B" or not to "B"”
Rick Ritter

Ideas are not good or bad.  Most ideas do not become profitable businesses.  Research shows that for every 3000 ideas on 1.7 make it to market launch and only 1 becomes a market success.  Learn how you can significantly increase your odds of turning an idea into a profitable business.  Get tools and activities you can use to evaluate your ideas before you spend a lot of money and time trying to turn your idea into a profitable business.


10:00 Workshops
“Secondary Income Secrets”
Sheli Gartman

Multiple streams of revenue, a side hustle, funnels and more... Should you expand your territories with multiple streams of revenue, and learn some secondary income hacks? Find out if having more than a backup plan is the right option for you, and where to begin in this informative, engaging and FUN presentation! 


“From Maggots to Millions”
Joel Flake

The journey of a serial entrepreneur who has started and sold businesses for millions right here in Idaho. Using the money from the sale's to reinvest into other businesses along with other investments, Joel shares his lessons learned. This workshop will give you details of the how and why's of what he's done in his entrepreneurial career.

11:00 Workshops
“Intuition vs. Brain: Harmonizing Business Leadership”
Jim Escobar
There is a paradigm shift in realizing the amazing part of who you are in your business leadership role... you are not your brain, but are a product of your entire life experience. You have goals, reason why you do things, and you are bringing those goals into reality through your every day decisions. Learn how to trust your gut instinct, knowing there is more to what is happening than what "meets the eye". Learn to leverage your brain as the tool it is, allowing the "heart" driving force lead your role in business. Operate from a place of love/purpose while you develop trust in life's situations.
“Mergers and Acquisitions”
Darren Board
Have you ever thought about buying or selling a business? Is your business sellable and is now the right time to sell? Darren helps provide the information needed to guide you through this process.